Faculty Grant Awards


Keith Jarvi and colleagues received a CIHR grant for project on “Prediction of successful sperm retrieval in patients with non-obstructive azoospermia using a panel of protein biomarkers measured in seminal plasma”.

Astellas Innovation Grants in Prostate Cancer Research:

Dr. Tony Finelli
“Measuring the quality of care, long-term outcomes, and health care utilization in low risk prostate cancer (PC) patients undergoing active surveillance: a population-based approach”.

Dr. Neil Fleshner
“Prostate biopsy avoidance using combination PCA3 and multiparametric magnetic resonance scanning in selected patient cohorts”.


Darius Bagli received an operating grant from Canadian Institutes of Health Research for his project titled “Epigenetic regulation of bladder response to obstruction”.

Barati Bhapat, Neil Fleshner, Laurence Klotz and colleagues were awarded an $1.5 million grant from Prostate Cancer Canada to investigate “Moving beyond discovery: validation of an integrated biomarker panel for detection of aggressive prostate cancer”.

Lesley Carr awarded a Cook MyoSite award for Phase 3 of her ongoing study “Placebo-Controlled Muscle-Derived Cell injection for Female SUI.”

Robert Nam and colleagues are the recipients of a $2.5 million NIH R01 grant for their project entitled “Dynamic, multi-cohort prediction modeling of prostate biopsy outcome”.

Vasundara Venkateswaran received multiple awards for prostate cancer basic research from CIHR, CPCRF, and NCIC.


Laurence Klotz is Co-I along with Bharati Bapat on a grant received from Prostate Cancer Canada. This grant, entitled “Moving beyond discovery: validation of an integrated biomarker panel for detection of aggressive prostate cancer” is for $1.5 million dollars and will significantly move their Biobank and Biomarker project forward.


Darius Bagli and colleagues were successful in receiving a CIHR Catalyst Grant for New Teams and Research into Environments, Genes, and Chronic Diseases for his project entitled “Environmental Microbe- Gene Interactions: Role Of Host Epigenetics In Chronic Urinary Tract Infection”.

Tony Finelli received a Prostate Cancer Canada grant award for his project “Active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer: a population-level analysis of uptake, practice patterns and barriers to adoption”.

Neil Fleshner and colleagues received a new Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI) Impact Grant for his research on “Randomized double blind trial of metformin in reducing progression among men on expectant management for low risk prostate cancer: the MAST (Metformin Active Surveillance Trial) study.

Robert Hamilton received a grant from Prostate Cancer Canada for his work entitled “The Influence Of Genetic Variation On The Association Between Statin And Metformin Use And Prostate Cancer Risk: Towards Discovering Personalized Chemoprevention”.

Magdy Hassouna is the PI in a 2 year peer-reviewed grant from PSIF “Estimation of Bladder Volume from Sacral Nerve Root recordings’ (Collaborators: J. Zariffe and M. Popovic).