Selection Criteria and Process

Selection Criteria

  • An acceptable academic record which demonstrates special proficiency in those subjects related to urology.
  • Candidates should have a proven interest in urology. This can be demonstrated by electives in urology or related fields.
  • Some references should be obtained from academic Urological specialists. References should be able to attest to interest and proficiency in the specialty as well as comments on exemplary interpersonal skills.
  • Candidates with an interest and proven experience in research, both in basic science and clinical research are encouraged to apply, however the lack of research experience does not prelude acceptance. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with maturity, empathy and sensitivity are required.
  • Candidates who aspire to a career in academic urology are particularly encouraged because of the depth of resources at the University of Toronto which is the largest biomedical education and research institution in North America.


Pre-screening will be conducted. A final list of applicants will be invited to attend an interview session in January at the Canadian Urology Fair in Toronto. Most of the Canadian urology programs will also send a team to interview candidates on the same date. If it is impossible for candidates to attend this fixed date, individual dates can be arranged. A full day should be allowed for the interview process. Video conferencing interviews not permitted.

Personal Letter

We prefer, but do not require, a personal statement. Prior to the interview, candidates may be asked to submit a goal statement.

Reference Letters

There is no absolute requirement regarding reference letters, but we expect letters from selective supervisors.