Number of Positions: 3
Supervisor: Dr. Alexandre Zlotta

Program Vision

To be the best Uro-oncology Fellowship training program in the world.

Our Mission

To train Uro-oncologists to be among the world’s best with an evidence-based approach to achieve the highest standards of clinical care, a commitment to teach what they know and to conduct research directed to curing genitourinary cancer.

Application Guidelines

Applications must be received in our office before February 28th; 16 months prior to commencement for a July 1st start date. The application form can be downloaded and submitted by email to the Office (swong5@mtsinai.on.ca). Please send an updated CV along with the application. The application will be triaged by the Faculty and a personal interview will be organized for suitable applicants. This one-day interview process will take place at Princess Margaret Hospital, 610 University Ave, 3-130, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 2M9, in early May. The applicant must also pass the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). If you have not had English as the language of instruction during your training and during patient care, you will be asked to show proof of score for TOEFL (minimum score 237) and TSE (minimum score 50).

If you have not done the TOEFL and TSE to this point, please go to www.toeflibtcourse.com and you will find instructions about the IBT test and how to register for it. Currently the TOEFL and TSE are being replaced with TOEFL IBT (internet based test), which combines both written and speaking in one test.

Our Uro-Oncology Fellowship program is now accredited with the Society of Urologic Oncology (SUO). Selection is done by the match program with the SUO and our Faculty. Following interviews the previous May, applicants will be informed by the SUO as well as our Program.


History of the Fellowship Program

For many years, clinical fellows have held postgraduate training positions at the University of Toronto in Urology with a primary focus in oncology. For the most part, these were clinical experiences without formal research training or a structured educational program. In June 2001, the first Fellow finished a 2 year program that was structured with a research experience plus clinical activity limited to Oncology with experience in radiation and medical oncology and became the first graduate of the Program which received accreditation from the Society of Urologic Oncology the same year. Three Fellows have been accepted into the program per year. The establishment of the program has been enabled by the programmatic structure of the University of Toronto Urology Program with all faculty members identified in a subspecialty area of practice and academic focus plus the increasing focus of the teaching hospitals in more limited range of clinical areas. Finally, Canadian society is increasingly demanding care at institutions with demonstrated expertise in subspecialty oncology.

Contact Information

Stephanie Wong is the Coordinator of the Urooncology Fellowship Program and may be reached at:

Uro-Oncology Fellowship Office
60 Murray Street, 6th Floor, Box 19
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5T 3L9

Tel: (416) 586-4800 ext. 3910
Fax: (416) 586-8354