New $1M Investment in Urologic Oncology

Astellas Innovation Fund
As Chair of the Division of Urology at the University of Toronto, it is my pleasure to announce a new $1,000,000 investment from Astellas Pharma Canada in support of our Urologic Oncology Program.

Over the next five years, funds will support trainees in the Surgeon Scientist Training Program, Research Fellowships, CPD courses, and a new Research and Innovation Grant, all specifically focused on urologic oncology.

In partnership with the Canadian Urologic Oncology Group (CUOG) and its partners, we aim to certify Urologic Oncology as an Area of Focus Competence (AFC) through the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. Since we have the largest fellowship program in urologic oncology, the University of Toronto will serve as the institutional leader for the national program.

Urological cancers represent almost 24% of Canadian malignancies and the practice of oncology among urologists has always represented – and will continue to represent – a significant proportion of urological practice. With these new funds, we will make significant investment in specialty training and evidence-based research in urologic oncology, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care and outcomes. I am optimistic and enthusiastic about promise of this program and the impact it will have: the creation of a recognized subspecialty, dedicated and concentrated efforts for complex care cases, and expansion of the reach and access to therapies, novel agents, and best practices beyond the current and traditional practices.

Please join me in extending our sincere thanks to Astellas for their leadership and continued support of the UofT Division of Urology!

Neil E. Fleshner

Martin Barkin Chair in Urological Research

Astellas Prostate Cancer Innovation Grant Competition 2016-17

The University of Toronto has partnered with Astellas Pharma to create the Astellas Prostate Cancer Innovation Fund with the purpose of supporting and advancing prostate cancer research.

Under the direction and supervision of an interdisciplinary UofT review committee, overseen by the Chair of the Division of Urology, the Fund will provide 3 grants in the amount of $50,000. Grants are open to faculty members in the Faculty of Medicine and across UofT’s affiliated hospitals and research institutes, with academic appointment to the following Departments: Surgery; Medicine; Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology; Radiation Oncology; or Medical Imaging. Please see attached for the formal Call for Applications and Terms of Reference.

Call for Applications 2016-2017

Terms of Reference 2016-2017

Inaugural “Astellas Innovation in Prostate Cancer Research” Grant Awards

Inaugural Astellas Innovation Grants in Prostate Cancer Research have been awarded to:

Dr. Tony Finelli
“Measuring the quality of care, long-term outcomes, and health care utilization in low risk prostate cancer (PC) patients undergoing active surveillance: a population-based approach”.

Dr. Shabir Alibhai
“Prescribing a reduction of sedentary time to improve cancer-related fatigue in men with prostate cancer”.

Dr. Andrei Drabovich
“Non-invasive diagnosis of prostate cancer and stratification of its molecular subtypes using genomic profiling of circulating tumor cells isolated from semen”.

Dr. Neil Fleshner
“Prostate biopsy avoidance using combination PCA3 and multiparametric magnetic resonance scanning in selected patient cohorts”.