2013-2014 Issue

The Division Of Urology has had a productive academic year. We currently span 28 geographic full time faculty as well as 3 full-time PhD scientists, spanned over 6 fully affiliated University-based hospitals. We train over 42 students including 24 residents and 18 fellows.


Drs. Dean Elterman (TWH) and Michael Ordon (SMH) joined our faculty in this academic year

Academic Promotion

Dr. Walid Farhat was promoted to Full Professor Dr. Robert Stewart was promoted to Associate Professor Dr Armando Lorenzo was promoted to Associate Professor

Research Grants

The Division of Urology had a solid year in terms of peer-reviewed grant capture. The following faculty served as PI’s or Co- PI’s on peer-reviewed grants totaling over 4 million dollars:

  • Michael Jewett
  • Neil Fleshner
  • Robert Hamilton
  • Girish Kulkarni
  • Andrew Matthew
  • Bharti Bapat
  • Darius Bagli
  • Keith Jarvi

Resident/Fellow Awards

Dr. Bimal Bhindi won an award from the Health Policy Management and Evaluation (HPME) Department as the most promising researcher. Dr. Justin Lee (PGY5) was voted best undergraduate educator in the Department of Surgery. Dr. Laurence Klotz won the Lister Prize at Gallie Day. Dr. Thomas Hermanns won Best Poster at the European Asociation of Urology.

Faculty Awards

Dr. Laurence Klotz continues as Chair of the World Uro-Oncology Federation. Dr. Fleshner continues as Chair of the Canadian Uro-Oncology group. Faculty teaching awards went to Drs. Lee, Stewart, Kodama, Kulkarni, Klotz and Zlotta. Dr. Trachtenberg was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from University of Guelph.

Visiting Professors

Dr Dean Assimos was our Menkes lecturer. Dr John Denstedt was our Robson Professor. Dr Mark Litwin was our Colapinto Lecturer. Urology Update visitors included: Drs. Colin Dinney, Christopher Evans, Joel Nelson, Howard Goldman, Christopher Payne, Chandhu Sundarum and Alexis Te.

Division Firsts

Dr. Michael Ordon performed the first Urology-led percutaneous renal tumor ablation. Dr. Dean Elterman performed the first University of Toronto green-light laser for benign prostatic hyperplasia. Drs. Elterman, Fleshner, Grober, Herschorn, and Jarvi conveyed the first Men’s Health Summit in January 2014.

Leadership Changes/Progressions

Dr. Pippe-Salle has taken as important position in pediatric urology in Qatar after a stellar career at the University of Toronto.

Hospital Highlights

The Hospital for Sick Children

Dr Martin Koyle continued his clinical research in pediatric urology. He had numerous visits as visiting speaker/professor throughout the globe. He ha taken over as site chief at the Hosptal For Sick Children. Dr. Joao Pippi-Salle He was an invited speaker, surgeon, and visiting professor at many locations around the world.He has recently departed to Qatar on a fukll time basis after a stellar career at the University of Toronto Dr. Darius Bagli continued his basic research in bladder diseases with projects funded by the CIHR, PSI, Kidney Foundation, AUA Foundation, and the Society for Pediatric Urology. He is also supervising research fellowships with funding from the Society for Pediatric Urology and the AUA Foundation. He also served as Deputy Chief of Surgery at Hospital for Sick Children and staff coordinator of Urology Resident Research. Dr. Walid Farhat continued his work in tissue engineering with projects funded by The Hospital for Sick Children’s Foundation and the Dean’s Fund. He participated in projects funded by the Ontario Research Fund and Canadian Foundation for and the Center for Computer-Assisted Intervention and Innovation. He was promoted to full professor. He organized and directed the 7th Annual North American Pediatric Fellows Laparoscopy Course. He was an invited speaker both within and outside of North America. Dr. Armando Lorenzo continued his work in Clinical Epidemiology and minimally invasive pediatric surgery. He has also been critical in coordinating resident surgical skills sessions. He continued his research work in projects funded by the Hospital for Sick Children Inaugural Innovation Fund, PSI, and the Medical Council of Canada. He was an invited speaker in Europe and North America and was promoted toAssociate Professor

Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Ethan Grober continued his work on male infertility at Mount Sinai and Women’s College. His research includes his projects in infertility and education with grants from PSI Foundation, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, MARS Innovation, CIHR, Canadian uro-Oncology Group, and the Association for Surgical Association. He was an invited speaker in the U.S. and Canada and will assume role as coordinator for the Urology School lecture series. Dr. Keith Jarvi, site chief at MSH, continued the Male Infertility Program and as Director of The Murray Koffler Urologic Wellness Centre (MKUWC). He was an invited speaker in the U.S. and Canada. He continued work in his work and research in Infertility with projects funded by the NIH, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, CIHR, Canadian Uro-Oncology Group, MaRS Innovation, Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, Institut Merieux, Canadian Uro-oncology Group, PSI, and with non-peer review grants from GSK and Pierre Fabre Medicaments Dr. Kirk Lo continued his basic research in Infertility with a multi-year grant funded by the National Institutes of Health and in projects funded by CIHR, MaRS Innovation, Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, Canadian Uro-oncology Group, and PSI. He organized the resident and fellow presentations for the Annual Robson Research Day. He was an invited speaker in the U.S. and Canada. Dr. Alexandre Zlotta continued in his position as Associate Editor of European Urology, one of the premier journals in urology. He was invited speaker and/or Visiting Professor to Europe, Asia and South America. He continued his research with funding from Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, CIHR, Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute, and the Canadian Uro-oncology Group. Dr Zlotta has had a benner year in grant capture with his collaborations with Drs Bapat and Ranna. Dr. Bharati Bapat continued her work in epigenetics and cancer biology in bladder and prostate cancer. She has procured over 2 million in peer-reviewed funding this year and has lectured throughout the globe.


Dr. Lesley Carr continued her work as an investigator in an industry grant for the use of muscle stem cells in stress urinary incontinence as well as research in overactive bladder and interstitial cystitis with projects funded by Allergan, Astellas, and Pfizer. Dr. Carr is in charge of Journal Seminars for Urology residents. Dr. Sender Herschorn. continued his clinical research in urinary incontinence, neurogenic bladder overactivity, and erectile dysfunction with projects funded by Allergan, Astellas, and Johnson and Johnson (Contura). He was invited speaker and lecturer throughout the globe. He also directed the 20th annual U of T Urology Update. Dr. Laurence Klotz continued his research in Uro-oncology. He continued as Chair of the CURC and the World Uro-Oncology Federation, (WUOF), and the International Urologic Research Society. He continued his many peer-reviewed research projects as well as initiated new work in prostate cancer with funding from NCIC, Prostate Cancer Canada, CIHR and Ferring,. He was guest speaker and visiting professor in Asia, UK, Europe, South and North America. Dr Klotz won the coveted Lister prize and was awarded the SUO Medal of Merit. Dr. Ron Kodama, site Chief at Sunnybrook, organized the 10th Annual Resident Basic Science Course in February. He also directed the annual Urology Fair 2013. He won the Faculty Postgraduate Teaching Award in 2013. Dr. Robert Nam continued his work on his peer-reviewed projects. His funding is currently from NCIC and CIHR. He was an invited speaker in many places within and outside North America. Dr. Vasundara Venkateswaran. She continued her basic research in prostate cancer with funding from CIHR, Prostate Cancer Canada and Ferring. Dr. Venkateswaran continues her major role at the Institute of Medical Sciences as Graduate Coordinator.

UHN – Toronto General Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital

Dr. Neil Fleshner continued as site chief at the UHN. He continued his clinical and basic research in prostate cancer with many major peer-reviewed grants from CIHR, OICR, CPCRF, Canadian Cancer Society Research institute, Prostate Cancer Canada Research Foundation, Prostate Cancer Research Foundation, NIH, and GSK. He was invited speaker at meetings in Canada, U.S, Israel, Asia and Europe. He continued as the holder of the Love Chair in Prostate Cancer Prevention at the Princess Margaret Hospital. Dr. Michael Jewett continued his clinical and research work in many peer-reviewed funded projects in Uro-Oncology. The Funding is from CIHR, OICR, Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, Kidney Foundation, NSERC and Pfizer. He continued as the Wyeth/CIHR Clinical Research Chair in Oncology. He was an invited speaker and/or visiting professor in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Dr. Michael Robinette continued as the major individual contributing to the Multi-organ transplant program at the UHN, specifically in kidney transplants. Dr. John Trachtenberg continued his active research into novel therapies for prostate cancer with grants from CIHR, PMH Foundation, Prostate Cancer Canada and NCIC. He continues his work on focal therapy in Prostate cancer. Dr. Tony Finelli continued his funded research projects in renal cancer and in men with negative biopsies for prostate cancer. Funding is from CIHR, Canadian Cancer Society research Institute and Pfizer. He was invited speaker in Europe, US, and Canada. He also served as chair of the 5th Annual Uro-Oncology Dialogue meeting in Niagara on The Lake. Dr. Andrew Matthew, clinical psychologist, continued his work in outcomes after prostate cancer therapy. Dr Matthew has had a banner year with over 1.5 million in peer-reviewed funding in prostate cancer survivorship. He was an invited speaker in the Canada. Dr. Girish Kulkarni continued his excellent research as a junior investigator/surgeon scientist securing peer-reviewed grants from Canadian Urologic Association, CIHR and a salary support award from prostate Cancer Canada. He continues his epidemiological research in bladder and prostate cancer. He was an invited speaker throughout Canada Dr. Robert Hamilton received numerous peer reviewed grants from CCSRI, CUA and internal PMH funds. He continues his work on statins, SNP’s and prostate cancer. He was an invited speaker throughout Canada

UHN – Toronto Western Hospital

Dr. Magdy Hassouna continued his basic and clinical work in neurourology and neuromodulation. He was an invited speaker in Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America. Dr. Sidney Radomski continued his work in incontinence, overactive bladder and erectile dysfunction. He continued as the Assessor of Educational Performance for the Department of Surgery. Dr. Dean Elterman commenced as a 3rd urologist at TWH as a surgeon-investigator. His interests include: men’s health, incontinence and reconstructive surgery.

St. Michael’s Hospital

Dr. Kenneth Pace continued as site chief as St Michaels Hospital. He continued his work in clinical epidemiology, stone disease, and Minimally Invasive Surgery. He continued as the Fellowship Coordinator for the Division of Urology. He continued in the American Urological Association Leadership Program. Dr. John Honey continued his work as a minimally invasive Urologist at SMH. He continued his clinical research studies in lithotripsy. He was course director at a Hands-on course at the American Urological Association (AUA) Meeting in Atlanta. He was guest speaker in the U.S. and Canada. Dr. Robert Stewart continued as Urology Residency Program Director and director of undergraduate surgery education at SMH. He continued as the principal urologist in the kidney transplantation program. He won the Faculty Postgraduate Teaching Award (Surgical). Dr. Jason Lee continued his work in in education-based research and minimally invasive surgery .Dr Lee will assume a major role in core curriculum development for undergraduate education. Dr. Michael Ordon commenced his career as a surgeon-investigator. His interests include large database outcome analyses as well as percutaneous renal tumor ablation.

Academic Events & Awards

The Annual Charles J. Robson Research Day was held on April 10th. The Visiting Professor was Dr.Roger Dmochowski, Professor of Urology Vanderbilt University in Nashville USA. There were 39 presentations. Resident Clinical winner was Dr. Christopher Wallis; Resident Basic/Translational Dr. Justin Lee; Fellow Clinical winner was Dr. Michael Ordon; Fellow Basis/Translational winner was Andrei Drabovich. The Patrick Harty Award for Excellence in Patient Care was awarded to Dr. Justin Lee. The PGY-5s Drs. Stephanie Tam, Benjamin Johnson, Melise Keays, and Steve Kim, successfully completed their Royal College Examinations.

Visiting Professors

Guests this year were Drs. Curtis Nickel from Queens University, J. Efstathiou from the _____, D. Pettaway ____________________, Marshall Stoller ,