2007-2008 Issue

Academic Promotion

Dr. Rob Nam was promoted to Associate Professor.


Dr. Tony Khoury left Sick Kids, after 20 years, for a position at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Ethan Grober joined the division at Mount Sinai and Women’s College after completing a fellowship in Andrology at Baylor in Houston, Texas.

Hospital Highlights

The Hospital for Sick Children

Dr. Joao Pippi-Salle became the Site Chief of Urology at Sick Kids. He was an invited speaker, surgeon, and visiting professor in many locations around the world. These included Columbia, Kosovo, Brazil, Argentina, Italy, United States, and Canada. He also continued as Director of Continuing Professional Development for the Department of Surgery. He chaired the Annual Sick Kids Pediatric Urology Symposium.

Dr. Darius Bagli received funding for his project entitles Epigenetic changes in uroepitelium following e.coli infection: new keys to understanding urinary tract infection susceptibility from the Hospital for Sick Children – Research Institute. He was also the invited Slotkin Lecturer at the Northeastern Section of the AUA Annual Meeting in Rochester, NY. He became the Deputy Chief of Surgery at Sick Kids and staff coordinator of Urology Resident Research.

Dr. Walid Farhat continued his work in tissue engineering. He was funded for his projects entitled Quantitative MRI of Angiogenesis and Cellularization in Tissue Regeneration from the U of T Dean’s Fund and Sick Kids Foundation, Biologically enhanced fascia lata for Soft Tissue Repair from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, the Center for Computer-Assisted Intervention and Innovation from the Ontario Research Fund, Physiologic Urinary Bladder Simulator (PUBS): novel urinary bladder bioreactor – from BioDiscovery Toronto (BDT). He organized and directed the Second Annual North American Pediatric Fellows Laparoscopy Course. He won the A.W. Bruce Faculty Undergraduate Teaching Award.  He was an invited speaker to Finland and Calgary.

Dr. Armando Lorenzo continued his work in Clinical Epidemiology and minimally invasive pediatric surgery. He was an invited speaker in Argentina and Brazil. He won a Canadian Urological Association Scholarship Award for his project entitled: Patient Satisfaction and Predictors of Outcome in Hypospadias Repair: A Prospective Assessment.

Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Ethan Grober joined the staff at Mount Sinai and Women’s College and will focus on Andrology and research in education. He received a Canadian Urological Association Scholarship Award for his project entitled Intra-Operative Objective Structured Assessment of Technical Skill (OSATS): Correlation with Operative and Clinical Patient Outcomes.

Dr. Keith Jarvi, site chief at MSH, continued the Male Infertility Program and as Director of the The Murray Koffler Urologic Wellness Centre (MKUWC). Dr. Jarvi again organized with Dr. Kirk Lo the Annual Robson Research Day Resident and Fellow scientific presentation contest. He addressed the Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society in Halifax. He continued work on his funded project entitled: Use of seminal fluid protein patterns as biomarkers for diseases in the male reproductive tract: Prediction of spermatogenesis in men with azoospermia, from Physicians Services Incorporated. His co-investigators are K. Lo, E. Diamandis, and B. Mullen.

Dr. Kirk Lo successfully passed his 3-year review and continued his basic infertility research in stem cells. He addressed the Reproductive Endocrinology Fellows in Training Enrichment (REFINE) Program, Banff, Alberta.

Dr. Alexandre Zlotta continued his position as Associate Editor of European Urology, one of the premier international journals in urology. He was invited speaker and Visiting Professor to France, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Israel, and the United States. He won Third Prize for the Best Abstract for Oncology at the European Association of Urology Conference in Milan, Italy. He was funded by the Prostate Cancer Research Foundation of Canada for his project entitled Prevalence and age distribution of prostate cancer carcinoma and its precursor lesions in Caucasion, African and Asian men in autopsy specimens: a prospective comparative international study with central pathology review. Co-investigators are F. Montorsi, A. Alcaraz, D. Pushkar, S. Egawa, C. Schulman, F. Kyabu, N. Fleshner, T. Van der Kwast, T. Finelli, and K. Jarvi.


Dr. Lesley Carr continued her work as an investigator in an NIH grant to evaluate the efficacy of amitriptyline for the treatment of painful bladder syndrome, and in an industry grant for the use of muscle stem cells in stress urinary incontinence. Dr. Carr was in charge of Journal Seminars for Urology residents.

Dr. Sender Herschorn continued as the Martin Barkin Chair in Urology. He continued his clinical research in urinary incontinence, neurogenic bladder overactivity, and erectile dysfunction. He was invited speaker and lecturer in North America, Brazil, China, Malaysia, Spain, Itay, and the Netherlands. He also directed the 15th annual U of T Urology Update. He won 2 awards for presentations at the Canadian Urological Association Meeting in Edmonton, Alberta. He was elected Vice President of the Canadian Urological Association and the Canadian Male Sexual Health Council.

Dr. Laurence Klotz, site chief at Sunnybrook, continued his research in Uro-oncology and his appointments including Editor-in-chief of the Canadian Urological Association Journal. He continued as Chair of the CURC and the World Uro Oncology Federation, (WUOF). He continued his many peer-reviewed research projects as well as initiated new work in prostate cancer with funding from NCIC, Ontario Cancer Research Network, CURC, CPCRF, CIHR. e was guest speaker and visiting professor in North America, Philippines, France, Spain, UK, and Brazil. He was elected President of the Canadian Urological Association.

Dr. Ron Kodama was appointed Interim Program Director. He organized the 5th Annual Resident Basic Science Course in February. He also directed the annual Urology Fair 2008. He also won the Bruce Tovee Postgraduate Resident Teaching Award, the Peters-Boyd Clinical Teaching/Supervision Award, Postgraduate Resident Teaching Award – Clinical, and the A. W. Bruce Undergraduate Teaching Award.

Dr. Robert Nam was promoted to Associate Professor and continued his research in the genetics of prostate cancer. He was an invited speaker at the SIU GU Oncology conference in Cape Town, South Africa, at an educational forum at the CUA in Quebec City. He continued his work on his peer-reviewed projects and also received new grants. His funding is currently from NCIC and CIHR. He received a prestigious Early Research Award, Ministry of Research and Innovation of Ontario, for 3 years. He won the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of College Medal Award in Surgery. He also won the Urology Faculty Postgraduate Teaching Award and the first Michael Jewett Postgraduate Lecture Award.

Dr. Vasundara Venkateswaran continued her basic research in prostate cancer projects funded by CIHR, CPCRF, and NCIC.

UHN – Toronto General Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital

Dr. Neil Fleshner continued as site chief at the UHN. He continued his clinical and basic research in prostate cancer with many major peer-reviewed grants from DOD (CDMRP), Ontario Cancer Research Network, CIHR, OICR, CPCRF, CUA/CUOG, and NIH. He was invited speaker at meetings in the United States and Italy. He was on the Scientific Committee of the First World Congress on Controversies in Urology, Barcelona, Spain.

Dr. Michael Jewett continued his clinical and research work in many peer-reviewed funded projects in Uro-Oncology. He continued work the CUA/CUOG Bayer Kidney Cancer Fellowship award for renal cell carcinoma. Other projects are funded by CIHR and ORCP ‘BioDiscover’ Stage I Business and Development. He was awarded the Wyeth/CIHR Clinical Research Chair in Oncology. He was an invited speaker and/or visiting professor in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Mexico.

A new divisional award for the best lecturer to residents at Urology School was named in his honour. Dr. Rob Nam was the first recipient.

Dr. Michael Robinette continued as the major individual contributing to the Multi-organ transplant program at the UHN, specifically in kidney transplants.

Dr. John Trachtenberg continued his active research into novel therapies for prostate cancer with grants from PMH, NCIC, NIH, CPRF and industry. He was invited speaker and Visiting Professor in New York, Austria, and Vancouver. He co-chaired the 15th Annual Issues and Controversies in Prostate Care in Cancun, Mexico.

Dr. Tony Finelli successfully passed his 3-year review. He continued his research projects in renal cancer and in men with negative biopsies for prostate cancer. He also received funding from the Faculty of Medicine for his project entitled Does directed self-audit of urologists stimulate reflection and improved lymph node retrieval in patients with bladder cancer? He was invited speaker in Canada and Venezuela.

UHN – Toronto Western Hospital

Dr. Magdy Hassouna continued his basic and clinical work in neurourology and neuromodulation. He was invited speaker at a meeting in Mexico and Visiting Professor in Quebec City. He received funding from the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation.

Dr. Sidney Radomski, continued his role as the Urology co-ordinator in the Surgical Skills Lab. He conducted hands on sessions for the residents in various minimally invasive topics during the year. He continued his work in peer-review and industry funded grants in incontinence, overactive bladder and erectile dysfunction. He won the Wightman-Berris Academy Award for Individual Teaching Excellence.

St. Michael’s Hospital

Dr. John Honey, site chief at St. Michael’s, continued his work as Director of Endourology and the Stone Treatment Centre at SMH. He continued his clinical research studies in lithotripsy. He was course director at a Hands-on course at the American Urological Association (AUA) Meeting Anaheim, CA.

Dr. Kenneth Pace continued his work in clinical epidemiology and Stone disease and Minimally Invasive Surgery. Dr. Pace directed the 3nd Annual Advanced Laparoscopic Urology Course in advance of Urology Update 2007. He continued as the Fellowship Coordinator for the division of urology.

Dr. Robert Stewart continued as the principal urologist in the kidney transplantation program. He became Urology Residency Program Director and continued as director of undergraduate surgery education at SMH.

Academic Events & Awards

The Annual Charles J. Robson Research Day was held on April 3. The Visiting Professor was Dr. Dan Theodorescu, Professor of Urology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and a graduate of the University of Toronto Urology Residency Program.

There were over 25 presentations. Resident Clinical 1st Prize winners were Melise Keays, Bryce Weber, and Robert Hamilton. Resident Clinical Honourable Mention Clinical were Sanoj Punnen and Paul Toren. Resident Basic 1st Prize were Sanoj Punnen and Girish Kulkarni. Fellow Clinical 1st Prize went to Geneviève Patry and Luis Braga. Fellow Basic 1st Prize went to Mireia Musquera and Fellow Basic Honourable Mention went to Ahmed Haddad.

The Patrick Harty Award for Excellence in Patient Care was awarded to Dr. Michael Kogon.

Drs. Doreen Chung, Jonathan Chan, and Michael Kogon passed their Royal College Examinations.

Visiting Professors

Guests this year included Richard J. Babaian, M.D.(University of Texas), Gerry Brock, MD, (University of Western Ontario), Francois Haab, MD (University of Paris), Steven Kaplan, MD (Columbia), Pierre Karakiewicz, MD (University of Monteal), John N. Kreiger, MD (University of Washington), Victor W. Nitti, MD (New York University), Michael A. O’Donnell, MD (University of Iowa), Stephen Pautler, MD (University of Western Ontario), Claus Roehrborn, MD (Dallas Suthwestern Medical School), Mark Soloway, MD (University of Miami), Urs E. Studer, MD (Universtiy of Switzerland).